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Creating Forward Motion With Passion

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at... change.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at...change
Chris Gill

Helping you get the life
you want

Welcome to SeeChange. I work primarily with professionals who want their lives to be different in some way but just can't seem to get started on their journey. I work with people who have often reached a point in their lives where something seems to be missing, or something doesn't feel quite in sync. It can feel difficult to nail it down to a specific issue. 


Getting to the heart of the matter and exposing those limiting beliefs, motivating you into action to make the changes you need to feel fulfilled, is where I can help. I am a Professional Certified Coach and I help people turn to a new chapter in their book, rediscover how amazing they really are, and build lives that are aligned with their purpose and values.

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Working with me

I work with people who want help creating change. It starts with a conversation to find out what that change might look like and how we want to work together. There is no cost to have this initial conversation, and if you want to proceed, our first full session will be completely free so that you can be certain that your commitment and investment is going to have the impact you want.

My approach is to provide insight as I accompany you on this part of your journey. There is absolutely no mumbo-jumbo, no navel-gazing, and definitely no hollow promises! 

What you will get is a thoughtful, caring, committed, support and accountability partner, a 'team YOU' sponsor, an expert procrastination un-blocker, and a buster of limiting beliefs. 

The next decision you take could be life-changing!



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Personal Leadership

Personal one to one leadership coaching puts you back as the lead role in that classic 'one of a kind' movie called 'your life'. No more sitting in the audience looking on with a critical eye.or even worse, wanting the storyline to be going in a different direction and feeling powerless to change it.

Mental Fitness Program and Positive Intelligence

Mental Fitness Program 
& Positive Intelligence

Did you know you have ten saboteurs present in your life?

If you didn't, then don't panic, we all have them! Some of us are ruled by them,  some of us occasionally get a handle on them,  and some of us learn how to keep them permanently in check!


Experiencing procrastination,

self-doubt, negativity?

Any of these sound familiar?

'I know myself so well, and I know I can't change things to how I would really like them to be'.

'I believe I can do better, but I am just not sure how I can dig- in any deeper'.

'I like my job, but I don't love it anymore, and I am just not sure if it's something I still really want to do'.

"I run my own business and it's going well but I just can't find the balance between work and home life."

"I had loads of confidence when I was younger but I just feel inadequate and anxious these days."

"I am having some relationship struggles which are toxic but dealing with them is so difficult."

How can SeeChange help?

"An incredible experience and a life-changing one at a time when it was needed. The journey was an emotional roller coaster but with each step, it took me to a better, stronger and happier state of mind and being."

Claire,  Manchester

Making decisions and choices in life can be scary, and can lead to analysis paralysis!

I can help you get unstuck, find clarity, and get you back into action. 

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Get in touch

There is no cost for an initial conversation and no obligation to work with me. At the end of our initial call, you can decide if you would like a FREE session to experience the benefits and impact that coaching can bring.

Thanks for submitting!

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