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One to One Personal Leadership Coaching

Personal one to one leadership coaching puts you back as the lead role in that classic 'one of a kind' movie called 'your life'. No more sitting in the audience looking on with a critical eye, or even worse, wanting the storyline to be going in a different direction and feeling powerless to change it.


You can choose how the story unfolds, you get to intervene, and direct all the action. Most importantly, you get to rediscover that you can create the life you want. 

"One life, no dress rehearsals. Are you showing up as the person you want to be?"

Mental Fitness Program And Positive Intelligence

If you didn't, then don't panic, we all have them! Some of us are ruled by them,  some of us occasionally get a handle on them,  and some of us learn how to keep them permanently in check!

So who are these 'saboteurs', and why do they have so much power over the lives we lead and the decisions we make?


Positive  Intelligence (PQ)® is based on breakthrough original research and synthesis of recent discoveries from  Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, and Performance Science research carried out by Shirzad Chamine at Positive Intelligence Inc in the United States.

Did you know you have ten saboteurs present in your life?

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Supporting You

Personal Leadership Coaching
Personal Leadership Coaching

One To one personal

Leadership Experience 

Mental Fitness Program
Mental Fitness

Positive Intelligence

6 Week Course

FREE Mental Fitness Under 25's
FREE Mental Fitness
Under 25's

Free Course Place For

25's and Under

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